About the Olympiad

OWAO is a recent Olympiad based on the best astronomical traditions, which brought together world-renowned specialists in the subject.

Teams are made up of the participants of various ages. The age of the Olympiad participants included in the team must not exceed 18 years. The minimum age threshold is not established. We suggest you to get acquinted with last year’s assignments to evaluate your knowledge.

The Olympiad includes four rounds: observational, practical, theoretical and test ones. The tasks were created by an Academic Commission consisting of representatives from different countries.

The Olympiad will take place in the Federal Territory “Sirius” from 14 to 22 November 2023. It will be supported by the Educational Center of the same name, the main goal of which is to encourage gifted children.

“Sirius” held the International Mathematical Olympiad in April 2023 and the open online Olympiad in Science, including Astronomy, in English in May 2023.

Not only captivating tasks but an extensive cultural program comprising lectures, creative and educational workshops and excursions are awaiting the participants.

About the host country

About the federal territory “Sirius”

The territory is located in the Imereti Lowlands in an interfluve of Mzymta and Psou. It is surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains and a unique natural reserve. The Winter Olympics took place here in 2014. Sirius Educational Centre for talented children from all over the country was founded at the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the basis of the Olympic heritage sites.
Now Sirius University of Science and Technology, the Presidential Lyceum, modern laboratories, cultural and sports infrastructure are also developing here. Not only children study here, but also their teachers and mentors. Scientists create innovative developments using the extensive capabilities of the Innovative Scientific and Technological Centre. Engineers are working on their application in urban spaces. National standards are being developed in educational, scientific, cultural, sports and other spheres, which are scaled to the whole country. The open-source federal project “Sirius” serves to identify talents of people of all ages in the interests of Russia and each of its residents.
Welcome speech of Boris Eskin — a member of the Organizing Committee of the Open World Astronomy Olympiad Boris Eskin
Boris Eskin
Teacher of Physics of the highest qualification category, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Celestial Mechanics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of St. Petersburg State University, member of the Central Subject and Methodical Commission of the All-Russian Olympiad for Schoolchildren in Astronomy, head of the national team of the Russian Federation in Astronomy
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