The theoretical round has ended.

The score received by the participants at this stage will amount to 40 % of the final rating. The round included 9 tasks with a detailed answer type. All tasks were provided to the participants in English, but pupils were allowed to use English-national dictionaries of terms, which had been prepared by the team leaders and the Academic Committee.
The authors' priority was not to create tasks with only one correct solution. So jury expects many unique and unusual answers. Member of the jury Ivan Uteshev, a winner of the international Olympiads in the past, notes that sometimes the participants’ solutions can surprise even the authors of the tasks themselves.
Interesting fact: task №8 was inspired by the Omega Sirius Hotel, where the Olympiad participants live. Contestants were asked to estimate the distance between Alpha and Omega Canis Majoris in parsecs.
After the tour the schoolchildren had the opportunity to get to know the national peculiarities of the participating countries better. The cultural exchange was organized in a play format and brought together online and offline participants.

Photos from this day of the Olympiad will be available in the album within a few days.
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