The last round of the Olympiad has ended

Today the participants demonstrated their knowledge while solving the tasks of the express round, which took place on the technological platform "Sirius.Courses". The tasks were aimed at comprehensive understanding of Astronomy. The score received by the participants at this stage will amount to 10% of the final rating.

"The testing system of the last two rounds was really great and well-organized. Everything was in its point" — Nidia Jaimes, participant from Venezuela.
After lunch, the pupils were given a lecture by Oleg Malkov, Doctor of Science in Physico-mathematical Sciences, Head of the Department of Physics of Stellar Systems of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The speaker shared with the participants an expert prognosis of the future of Astronomy.

In the evening, everyone was able to play volleyball, attend various masterclasses and team events organized by the specialists of the Sirius Educational Center.
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