NOVEMBER 14, 2023
The Olympiad has started
The Open World Astronomy Olympiad (OWAO 2023) will take place on the federal territory “Sirius” from 14 to 22 November 2023. Participants from the 14 countries will take part in the Olympiad:
The Olympiad will bring together young astronomers and subject experts from all over the world. It will serve to strengthen international academic relationships.

The Olympiad includes four rounds: observational, practical, theoretical and express ones. The last two ones will be held on the Sirius.Courses platform. In-person rounds are organized at the Sirius Science and Art Park.The age of the Olympiad participants included in the team must not exceed 18 years, but the minimum age threshold is not established. Remote participation is also available. The assignments are provided to the participants in English, which will create equal conditions for schoolchildren from different countries.

For those who come to participate in the Olympiad in person, “Sirius” has prepared an extensive educational and cultural program with lectures, master-classes, excursions, as well as working meetups for team leaders and other representatives of the participating countries.The best Olympiad participants will be awarded medals: gold, silver and bronze ones.

The winners of the OWAO 2023 will have a unique opportunity to visit objects of the Russian space infrastructure. The event is organized by the federal territory "Sirius" with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

You can follow the daily news of the Olympiad on the website, as well as on the VK platform.
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