NOVEMBER 21, 2023
Results of the OWAO 2023
II Open World Astronomy Olympiad was held at Sirius. During this week, the participants were completing the tasks, communicating with each other, attending lectures and going on tours of the federal territory "Sirius".
For the four rounds of the Olympiad the schoolchildren had to solve 97 tasks. The authors assessed the participants' ability to work with star charts, process data and make analyses and prognoses. The experts sought not only to test their knowledge, but also to provide them with new information. For example, many tasks included references to scientific publications that participants would be able to read after the Olympiad.

Almost 60 children were completing the tasks both in person at Sirius and remotely from all over the world. Overall, 14 people were awarded with gold medals: representatives of Russia, Iran, Belarus and Kazakhstan. 11 schoolchildren received silver medals and 9 — bronze ones. Dmitriy Timofeev from Russia, who solved 2 rounds with a full score, became the absolute winner of the Olympiad. Dmitriy noted that he especially enjoyed the practical round, because he is keen on processing and analysing data. The testing system of the "Sirius.Courses" platform, on which the school and invitational stages of the All-Russian Olympiad for Schoolchildren are held, was used to passed on the solutions of the Olympiad rounds.
The Olympiad will again take place on the federal territory "Sirius" in 2024. You can track information on the OWAO 2024 on the website.

Elena Shmeleva, Head of the Sirius Educational Center, congratulated the OWAO participants:
You can find out more information about each day of the OWAO 2023 in the Olympiad Diary.
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